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Container Groups

Dozzle performs automatic grouping of containers based on their stack name or service name. You can also create custom groups using labels.

Default Groups

By default, containers are grouped by their stack name in host mode. If label is present, Dozzle will automatically enable a "swarm mode" where all containers with the same service name will be joined together.

Custom Groups

Additionally, you can create custom groups by adding a label to your container. The label is and the value is the name of the group. All containers with the same group name will be joined together in the UI. For example, if you have a group named myapp, all containers with the label will be joined together.

Here is an example using Docker Compose or Docker CLI:

docker run --label hello-world
version: "3"
    image: hello-world

Released under the MIT License. Open sourced and sponsored by Docker OSS.