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What is Dozzle?

Dozzle is open-sourced project sponsored by Docker OSS. It is a log viewer designed to simplify the process of monitoring and debugging containers. It is a lightweight, web-based application that provides real-time log streaming, filtering, and searching capabilities through an intuitive user interface.

Users can quickly and easily access logs generated by their Docker containers, making it an essential tool for debugging and troubleshooting applications running in a Docker environment. Out of the box, Dozzle supports JSON logs with intelligent color coding.

Dozzle is easy to install and can be configured with minimal effort, making it an ideal solution for developers and system administrators looking for an efficient and user-friendly log viewer for their Docker environment. The tool is available under the MIT license and is actively maintained by its developer, Amir Raminfar.

Released under the MIT License. Open sourced and sponsored by Docker OSS.